Golf Cart Trivia

How good are you at golf cart trivia! Lets find out. (Answers at the bottom)

  1. In what year did Golf carts originate?
  2. What decade was the first electric golf cart made?
  3. Which country has the most golf carts?
  4. What does LSV stand for?
  5. How much does the most expensive golf cart cost?
  6. What is the longest journey using a golf cart?
  7. Who beat the Guinness world records for driving the longest distance traveled in 24 hours in a golf cart?
  8. What do the first 2 numbers on a Club Car golf cart serial number indicate?
  9. How long is the world’s longest golf cart?
  10. How fast does the world’s fastest golf cart go?

Ready to find out how you did?

  1. Lyman Beecher created the first golf cart in 1932 in Florida. 
  2. The first electric golf cart was made in the 1930s. John Keener (J.K.) Wadley introduced the first electric golf carts on the golf course
  3. The United States has over 2 million Golf carts.
  4. Low Speed Vehicle
  5. Garia makes a golf cart for $73,000
  6. 1,034.6 miles. This record was made in 2017 by Reddy and Venkata traveling in India.
  7. John and Ryan Pritchard drove 120 miles in the villages, Florida in a single day. 
  8. THe first 2 numbers indicate the year that the golf cart was made.
  9. Mike’s Golf Carts in Perry Georgia holds the record of making the world’s longest golf cart measuring 31 feet.
  10. Ribby Steen drove a golf cart at 118.76 mph at Darlington Dragway in Hartsville South Carolina