Spring is coming! 10 ways to get your Golf Cart ready!

It’s that time of the year! Time to prepare your golf cart for spring and summer! Things you may need to do in order to prepare your golf cart for the year

  1. Check the batteries with a multimeter. Turn your multimeter to 20v, touch the black probe to the negative terminal and the red probe to the positive terminal and write down what each battery reads. (You can ask your local cart shop if its normal!) Make sure to also fully charge your batteries so your cart is ready to go.
  2. Clean the battery terminals. Check your batteries connections to make sure that they are clean
  3. Check the tires. Check all four tires on your golf cart and inflate or deflate them to the correct pressure indicated on the tires. Tires that sit for long periods of time with the incorrect pressure can cause the tires to lose their shape.
  4. Check your cart's fluids. If it is a gas golf cart, make sure you have done the necessary tuneups such as checking fluids, air filters, or maybe even bring in your golf cart for a tuneup each year at your local shop.
  5. Check the brakes. Check, clean and adjust pads, drums, cables and pedal once a year. Press the brakes to make sure they work.
  6. Top off fluids.  Make sure you have enough fuel before you go on a trip if you have a gas cart!
  7. If you have led acid batteries, check your water levels and make sure that you have enough distilled water. 
  8. Check the steering. Make sure your steering wheel does not feel loose when you turn it.
  9. Listen for the buzzer on the forward reverse switch. Make sure your backup buzzer is working so people are warned that you are backing up.
  10. Its been a nice year weather wise! Don’t forget to look for the newest electronics to add to your golf cart to show off. You can always ask your local shop what are the latest trends in golf cart gadgets.