Everything you need to know about Golf Cart Tires

Tires are one of the more overlooked and required accessories to a golf cart. It can affect the speed of your cart, how smoothly your cart drives on a road, and how well it handles off road conditions. So what do we need to know about our tires?

Sizing matters

Golf cart tires come in various sizes and size will affect everything, especially speed. The sizing of each tire is generally displayed with 3 numbers. For example: “18x8.50-8”

The first number 18 represents the overall diameter of the tire in inches
The second number 8.50 indicates the tire’s width in inches
The third number 8 signifies the rim diameter in inches

Sometimes these numbers are written in millimeters. For example, 205/50-10

The 205 is the width of the tire across the treads in millimeters (about 8 inches)
50 is the ratio of the sidewall to the width. Divide the first number (205) to get the ratio. The larger this number is, generally means the tire will be taller.
10 is the tire size to match wheel size in inches

Tread patterns

The type of tread patterns on your tire will determine how it will handle different terrains. Here are some of the most common tread patterns:

Ribbed Tread: Ribbed tires have straight rib like patterns across the surface. They are ideal for courses with flat terrain for a smooth ride

Sawtooth Treat: This zigzag pattern resembles the teeth of a saw. They offer great traction on wet or muddy terrain.

Knobby Tread: This type of treat features large chunky treads with deep grooves. This type of pattern works great for rough terrain such as off road paths

Load Rating

An important and overlooked factor when choosing tires is the load rating of the tires which is signified with numbers such as 4PR or 6PLY. The higher the number the more load it can handle. The more passengers you want to have on your golf cart, and the more weight will require a higher number.

Inflation pressure

Just like on a car, everyone needs to make sure their tires are properly inflated. An underinflated tire can reduce fuel efficiency, increase the risk of tire damage, and compromise handling.

Lift Kits

Know if you will need a lift kit: The bigger the tires, the more likely you will be required to install a lift kit to your cart so your wheels do not hit your golf cart.

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This chart is from one of our manufacturers Steeleng: