10 Ways to customize your cart

There are many ways to customize a used Golf Cart that can make it the perfect cart for any individual. Ultimate Golf Carts received a new fleet of used E-Z-GO’s and Yamaha’s which are currently taking orders for customers who want the feeling of a golf cart that is designed specifically for you.

So what can be done to a used golf cart to make it almost better than new?

  • New body, new paint, or new wrap. The body of the golf cart doesn’t matter much when we can replace the entire body to make it designed in any way the customer wants.

  • New decals and stickers. Give your cart some personality that reflects who you are. Show the world whatever reflects your hearts desires. Hey, we are from Minnesota.


  • New Tires and Wheels. We have a large supply of different types of wheels and looks. Going off roading? Check out our off road and lift kits that we can put on our carts to make your cart off road. Wanting to make the cart street ready with smooth tires for the roads? Don’t forget we carry some of the coolest looking rims.

  • New windshield. Would you like foldable windshields? High impact windshield? Single piece? Windshield tinting?

  • Lights: RGB lights under your cart? Headlights and taillights? How about an overhead light?

  • Seat cushions - We can replace the seat cushions to a wide variety of standard or even premium seats. We can also order custom made seats with designs or names on your seats


  • Steering wheels - Standard steering wheel? Racer steering wheel? How about a doubletake steering wheel?

  • Storage space - Adding a rear seat that turns into a bed and its possible to include a storage compartment, as well as extra storage utility baskets.

  • Sound system - Everyone needs a bluetooth premium sound system! 

  • Floor mats - We have standard, premium floor mats that can make the inside of your cart look brand new, but more importantly, we partnered with Dekomats which gives us access to a large supply of their artwork. They also let us design our own floor mats. Have an image you want on your golf cart? We can put that image on a Dekomats floor mat.

If you are a DIY person, feel free to check out our parts website where you can order any of these parts directly to your home at ultimatecartparts.com